Wednesday, December 22, 2010

These are photos of some of the purses I managed to complete and mail. I made a really cute on for my Mom who lives in Arizona, but mailed it off early so it would get there in time! (forgot to take a picture, I'll ask her to send me one.) Don't look at the clutter around the room, that'll be tackled next year! ;D

Happy Holidays!

Ho ho ho! I am laughing so I don't freak out because I am so far behind. Almost forgot to post, am leaving for Massachusetts for the holidays, in like oh, 45 minutes, and won't be back until the new year. Busy doesn't begin to describe my recent life, but then, I suppose that is no different from everyone else! The sad thing is, I have done things, mailed them and forgot to take pictures, and I know I have forgotten projects as well, but here is what I remember. One of the guild members generously created an original mystry wallhanging for us to do. I did mine in Thimbleberries Christmas fabric (old stash) and free quilted what was supposed to be pinecones in the centers. I made 7 purses as gifts, but that wasn't enough, I ran out of time on 10 others. Yes, perhaps I was a little unrealistic, just how long could 17 purses take? Well since they are not all the same, and not counting the work on skating costumes and QOV tasks, I guess I was over reaching this time. When I look back on ALL that I was able to accomplish this year, and actually FINISH!! I am so pleased. I have set the bar for next year, and I will start my finishing my 2010 starts and going back and working on all of those other WISPS! I think in the new year when I return and start cleaning up my studio, I will figure out how many actual WISPS I completed, and how many I started. Oh, yeah, I just remembered, I did some extra quilting for other people too, even besides my Gram - now I don't feel so lazy! Now it's time to start the long drive and relax and enjoy the holidays with family! Hope everyone has a wonderful & safe holiday season!!