Friday, September 27, 2013

Recyled Shower Curtain

Powder Room
Finishing up my Friday by finishing up the last bit of an extra shower curtain!  When we renovated our bathroom, we bought two panels of the shower curtain.  One was not enough, but then two panels turned out to be a bit excessive.  I cut the second panel to 24 3/4" wide, turned the side under and sewed it down and hung it along side the other shower curtain panel.  I then used a good portion of the remainder to make the curtains at right.  Very simple and plain, but DONE.   Months passed and I saw the toilet paper holder on pinterest and then figured out my version and made two of them, one for my bathroom and one for the powder room downstairs.   Very cute and worked for two different holders, (does not work for my children's bathroom).   Finally, in an effort to be able to finish up the last bit of fabric,  I trimmed a bath towel and two hand towels, made a tissue box cover and made a cover for a can of mixed nuts to put my peak flow meter and asthma thingy in.   YES!   Very pleased with the results, and even more pleased that I could just throw away the last little scraps with no remorse!    Happy Quilting, and Happy Finishes!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Crayola Challenge

My Finish it up Friday this week was completed early this morning as I finished the binding and ironed on the velcro for my challenge project.  Just in time to bring to Guild to display along with the other entries for the  Crayola Quilt Challenge!  The challenge was interesting, we selected 3 crayons from a bag; If we didn't like one, we could put it back and pick another that we would have to keep.  We would have to use all three colors, and we also could use one neutral color, black, white or beige/tan.  The quilt couldn't be any larger than 56" X 56".   The crayons I drew were Indigo, Cerise and Outrageous Orange!
I took my swatch of colors everywhere, even on my trip to Massachusetts where I selected the Cerise fabric that also had orange and black in it.  I found an indigo fabric and a batik orange that I thought was outrageous, but once home found that in natural light it wasn't really exactly the color, but thought it would do.  But what to do?    My first idea involved making a specific block that would have buttons sewed on, and I was going to melt the selected crayons and fashion buttons from the melted wax!  I bought a box of 96 crayons that had two of the colors, cerise and indigo, and started looking for outrageous orange everywhere.  I felt criminal, opening boxes of crayons in stores and pulling up the orange ones to read the colors!  Finally, it dawned on me to go online to the Crayola website and they listed outrageous orange as being sold in 72 count boxes only.  I saw 8, 16, 24, 64, 96 and 120 count boxes, never a 72 count box.  There went that idea.  So last minute (of course) this idea popped in my head, and with no pattern, a few mistakes and several lessons learned  I made a Tri-folding Coloring Tote!   I love the velcro, but I think I might like straps next time around, and also it isn't fully loaded with crayons in these pictures as I was trying to keep with the color scheme!  The large pocket was intentionally made loose to accomodate a coloring book and the left side is for pencils and odds and ends.  I also believe that I am going to gift this to a little someone for Christmas!   It was fun to make!  Happy Quilting!