Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Snowmen . . .

It's a shame I didn't finish these last Friday, when it was snowing like crazy and only 28 degrees outside!  I finished them both today, Wednesday, while it was windy and 76 degrees.   They both fit the WISP category as I started them at the same time seven, maybe eight years ago.  My favorite quilt store offered the pattern and kits and a table topper of the month club.  I bought the pattern for each month and most of the kits.  My original idea was to make one for myself and then use my stash to make another as a gift . . .  I didn't get very far!  I had the snowman and star blocks completed except for stitching around the stars and adding the eyes, nose and scarf for the snowman.  The center was supposed to be a hourglass block, but I remembered the snowflakes from a different project and did those instead.  So glad they are done!    I came upon a bag of little pincushions, mostly cut out, just needed assembly.  I made two of the square with ric rac, the flower one was an experiment, and well, it didn't go exactly as planned!  I think I have too many petals, I think they are a bit long and I rather like the plain pink side versus the "right" side.  I sent one pincushion along with a couple of charm packs to Texas as a bit of encouragement to a new quilter.  I hope she enjoys quilting as much as I do !    Happy Quilting!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

New Year - New Resolve!

With this new year, 2013, I feel new resolve and less uncertainty and I have many, many resolutions, large and small.  Many "do nots" and many more "dos" on my list, and needless to say, many lists!  I am very excited about the 1XMAS Project this year as I have resoved to be more organized (of course this involves a list).  It has also come to my attention that I have a "thing" for Christmas fabric.  I would say that the greatest amount of fabric that I have is Christmas fabric.  I just love it and they keep making more every year!  This year my list for 2013 1XMAS Projects does not have presents that must be done before the big day.  Instead, I went through my fabric baskets and bins and listed Christmas projects that I had previously planned and in some cases found a new purpose for old fabrics!  I am also putting aside fabrics I don't expect to ever use and will put in a yard sale in May.   I am very happy to say that I have successfully completed the first project(s) on my list!   All of the fabrics are 18 years old or so, the store "Cloth World" was reorganizing and had a huge sale so . . . well anyway, back then I had no plan so I just bought various fabrics and brought them home and put them all in the same bin.  I did not use all that I bought that year, but I did use up all of some of these and finished up 6 1/3 yds total.  I used Christmas microsoft blankets for the backing and prewashed all fabrics, these will be nice and warm to snuggle up with and I have no idea where their final home will be.   Whoops, can't forget the matching pillow cases.  Happy Quilting!!