Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Back to Normal . . .

We were very blessed and Hurricane Irene weakened prior to hitting us, and since we have been experiencing a drought this summer, we did not get the damaging flooding that many other areas suffered. We lost power a couple of times, but it wasn't too long and we had frozen plenty of water and were very well prepared. Fortunately it has cooled down, but (UNBELIEVABLY) The Great Dismal Swamp is STILL on fire! It is now 90% contained so I am hoping it will be out soon. We have not smelled the smoke recently so that's good! So we had alot of raking to do and cutting up the tree limbs that fell, but no damage. : ) I have nothing new to show since I really have not been in my sewing room. Once we got power back, there was alot of cleaning to do and we had moved to the ground floor for safety and everything was out of place. Now we are catching up to prepare the children for school. I hope to have lot's of Wild WISPs tamed by the end of September!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

1 XMAS a Month (August)

Almost didn't realize that it was the 25th today! Have been so busy today trying to get ready the best we can for our very unwelcome pending visitor "Irene". Didn't pay much attention earlier since the media is so quick to sensationalize and exaggerate weather issues, but I guess it looks like Hurricane Irene is actually going to hit our area. It seems like she'll be hitting Virginia Beach, I'm in Yorktown which is about 50 miles up the coastline from Virginia Beach, I'm hoping she will only be a category 2 or less when she arrives. Since we are not native Virginians, we aren't sure what to expect, as it stands now we are going to try to stay and wait it out. Enough of all that, I am very happy with my FINISHED Christmas present this month. It is for my nephew who is in college, I love giving rag quilts as college quilts because they can spill whatever, do whatever, bundle up in it, go on a picnic, put it in the car etc., and there is no fuss since it isn't fancy! I wanted to do this for him when he graduated from High School, but my sister wanted me to do a T-shirt quilt for him instead. She hasn't given me the T-shirts yet (2 yrs now) so I'm done waiting. His favorite color is green, and I've washed it once already, and I'll probably wash it once more to get rid of the threads. I endured a 2 week, 2 rounds of antibiotic sinus infection this month, so it was nice to have a project that didn't require thinking, reading or any skill besides changing the bobbin frequently! Now that I am finally healthy, I will be glad when Irene is gone and I can get back to sewing and longarming! I finally caught Hermione on her cat bed and was able to get the camera before she awoke! Happy Quilting and please cross your fingers & say a little prayer for us all along the East Coast.