Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monsterous Reveal !

These are the mess makers in my studio!
Meet the little monsters who will be attending my Great Nephew's 2nd birthday party!! They were so much fun to design and make, it was like playing dress up with dolls!  I got to use one of my favorite embellishments, rick rack and use some of the ribbons I had accidentally bought a lot of when Ben Franklin's went out of business.  Girly colors would be so much fun to do too!      I wasn't able to stitch one stitch of any kind over the weekend, I don't know why I even entertain the idea, self torture, perhaps?  Monday morning I got straight to work, and I finished the last one last night.  I had doodled and designed four of them while I wasn't feeling well, but wasn't up to actually putting them together.  All of their eyes are yo-yos, and I did most of those ahead of time, I changed things as I sewed, as usual, so I had to make some more yo-yos and now I have some extras.  Maybe I'll make up some more before it's all said and done.  I have other fabric I wanted to use, but just ran out of time. Now I need to switch over to long arming for awhile!   
Should I cut the loops?
He's one of my favorites.
Happy Quilting !!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mysterious Mess Makers . . .

have been spotted in the vicinity of my quilting studio!   And what a monstrous mess they have made!  Ribbons, rick rack, snippets of fabric, bits of batting, tangles of thread everywhere!!  They are not all ready for their final reveal . . . . but here's a little peek!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

May's Many Mini Projects

May saw the completion of many mini projects, and I was able to cross another WISP off my list with the completion of the 5 totes.  I have seen quite enough of the Hawaiian/beach print and am so glad to say there isn't a scrap of it left in the house!  I believe I made either 9 or 10 totes with that as the main color.  These last four are going to 4 nieces who are all sisters.  Their birthdays fall May - July, so I made them up and added the bubbles according to their favorite colors, found the bubblegum at AC Moore and made up the snap bags and sunglasses cases to match. 
 I made two extra sets of the snap bags for people who already have the totes.     
The purple tote is similar to one I made for a different niece, it was going to be for me, but I think I want a black, white and red one more.  I couldn't believe how close I was to finishing the purple tote, all the elements were done, I only had to do the final sewing together step - One hour of sewing and ironing.  Crazy!  I finished 4 more of the little wallets, they don't match any one's purse (yet) but I love trying out different combinations and they are pretty quick to put together!  No big projects completed, I am feeling better, but not 100% yet, I have been concentrating on getting some customer quilts done first.  This weekend I am finishing up a project I have been thinking about and looking forward to for a long time!  My quilt studio is a MESS with fun stuff everywhere - it looks like that when I am dreaming up new things!  The messier it is - the more creative I've been!  I hope to have them done by Wednesday.          Happy Quilting!