Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 1XMAS

I am very happy I was able to finish this tonight.  I was hoping to have two completed, but the weekend just didn't work out that way.  Up very early tomorrow to drive 10+ hours to Massachusetts, won't be back until the 27th and didn't want to miss posting my Christmas item on time!  This is an experiment.  I used the pattern I made for the stockings that our Guild made during a Quilt of Valor workshop.  We made those stockings in red, white and blue and they were filled with goodies and presented to Wounded Warriors.  At the time I wondered how to make them fancier, and I think I succeeded!  I think I will make my strips smaller next time, especially the white strips, those bother me for some reason.  Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Little Something for Me!

As I prepare for my trip to Massachusetts to celebrate my beloved Gram's 100th birthday . . . yes, 100th! I keep thinking how I haven't used any of the goodies I bought in June, and how excited I was with my treasures! The larger FQ pile is what I bought from Notion to Quilt, my favorite Store in Western Massachusetts! The smaller pile is what my DH bought for me later on from the same store! My sweetheart knows how I love black, white and red! I fell in love with the colorful fabric and knew just what I would do with it.  I have finally started this project, and I chose to use my favorite fat quarter and at the same time recycle a few containers!

The tall container is an oatmeal container that I can easily remove the identifying paper. I use these to hold my Panograph Patterns for my Longarm machine.  The taller nut container will be on my cutting table, to put bits from cutting in, the small nut container will be next to my machine to put threads, as well as serve as my traveling thread and scrap holder for classes and going to my Bee meetings! 
I use 330 grit sandpaper to lightly scuff the other two containers as their paper cannot be removed without damaging the container, it will help the adhesive hold better. I use a paper bag to make templates for each container. Cut them out, lay out onto fabric, then cut.  
I keep this box in the garage specifically for spraying Aleene's All Purpose Tacky Spray (outside) I sprayed a pretty thick coating and then waited about a minute before I started handling it.  I did the smaller ones first, the oatmeal container was the toughest. I added ric rac and ribbons to bring out the colors.  I could use the left over fabric for the lids, but I think I'm going to make something else instead - LOVE that fabric!  My studio feels more colorful already - Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Red, White and Blue WISP Completed

This WISP took longer than expected, considering I started cutting the fat quarters the day I bought the fabric, back in November 2009!  It is the Lucky Stars pattern again and most of the fabric is from a Civil War line (don't remember which one).  I completed the blocks in July 2010, but didn't square them until this July!  But now it is pieced, quilted and bound! This was originally meant as a QOV, but then it was suggested that I present this quilt to my DH upon his retirement from the Army, as he is a civil war buff.  I'll have to think on that since he just received a quilt I made a couple of months ago.  He should not retire for a few years yet, so I may have to think on this a while.  (but not too long!) I used two 2 1/2" strips from the small bit of fat quarter from most fabrics to make up the binding, and I love how that turned out.  I think a mixed binding really works on these quilts since the quilt is so scrappy to begin with.
I used the scraps from the half square triangles to piece together a label.  I would have liked to have made two more stars for the back, but I was out of the background fabric. I couldn't find any more anywhere in my stash and I really didn't want another excuse to delay, so I only made the label.  It looks so lonely!
I am very happy with how the quilting turned out!  It actually went quickly too, considering all the interruptions to ferry kids here and there, feeding said children (repeatedly, continuously)etc.
 Working on a fun little project just for me . . .  Hope I can show it soon!   Happy Quilting!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Technical and Tactical Difficulties . . .

have kept me from accomplishing very much this month in the sewing/quilting area.  Due to frustrating difficulties with my computer I was unable to post about the little bit that I actually got done! At the moment, I am writing this blog on my regular computer, but it was shutting down sporadically until I figured out I can't watch any videos or clips on line,  a software problem of some kind.  I'm going to have to try & figure it out before the entire thing breaks I suppose, but when?  I don't think I have ever driven so much, albeit broken up in small trips, any other summer of my life!  Between the kids sports activities, wisdom teeth extractions, orthodontic appointments, sports, friends, my own physical therapy appts, other medical appointments I haven't been able to finish very much.  I'm still longarming for others, but I'm a bit behind in that too.  I still haven't scheduled the kitties for their shots (overdue now)and have everyone's eye appointments to work out before our trip back to Massachusetts for my Gram's 100th birthday party!! I did not finish a WISP this month and have so much I want to start!! Sigh. On the
bright side, I am happy with the two major finishes, as the idea just came to me while ironing, and I immediately sketched out what I had "seen" in my minds eye and wrote out the basic idea/directions.  As I worked on the project I added the fishnet as a means to hang it up and I am very satified with the way it turned out.  The small one was made first, to test the materials and see if my idea would work.  It is my 1 XMas project for July, it is a gift for my sister who has a beach/seashell sunroom in her house.  The J was meant to be a surprise birthday gift for my dear daughter who turned 13 on the 23rd!  I couldn't find my hubby's staple gun in time, so I finished it up over the weekend after DH dug it out of his garage.  I used a regular stapler and spray glue for my sister's gift.  I sewed a border around the middle panel, sprayed a painter's canvas with Aleenes acid free tacky spray, let it sit, then pressed the fabric wrong side down with my hands.  I glued and stapled the fabric to the back.  I recommend you add the netting before you start to decorate with the shells.  I glued the shells on with a permanent adhesive called Quick Grip.  I had to take this photo on my knees as to avoid a shadow, it is hanging on my DD's door and our hallway is very narrow.  I used twine to tie the fishnet together, and also create a hanging loop.  The loop is much larger on the J.  Here's hoping August is more productive, but I seriously doubt it!  Don't tell the kids, but I can't WAIT for school to start!   Happy Quilting!