Friday, February 14, 2014

Too Much Tulle?

Is there really such a thing as TOO much Tulle?  I have known plenty of little girls who would think otherwise, and normally I would agree,  but . . . I'm afraid I used way too much tulle for my latest project for my great niece!
 The front view shows the uneven cuts of tulle, I believe they were even when I cut them,  it must have happened in the sewing!  I definitely prefer the posterior view.
 I just LOVE the satin sash!  I suppose you are wondering how this is too much tulle.  Well, it's too much if it measures 13" tall,  15 1/2" around the waist (just the waist band alone) AND if it was meant for a darling little girl who is only 4 months old.  Yes 4 months, not 4 years old!
 So back to the drawing board.  The dress below looks too skimpy as far as tulle is concerned, but that is all I had left after making the one above first.  The hem of the dress looks strange because it is actually folded up and hand hemmed.  I topped stitched the original hem, but that was several inches longer than the final hem.  I won't even embarrass myself by telling you how long it took me to make those two.  sigh.
 Of course I can't make something for the niece and not the nephew!  So very quickly I whipped up this Hugga-Boo Monster for him.  My nephew gives the best hugs and is such a sweetie!  They are supposed to receive this in today's mail, although that area was just walloped with snow, so I hope that their mail service is not interrupted! (I did not mail the tulle skirt, didn't want to have it crushed in the box.  I'll hand deliver that one eventually)
Still stitching each and every day!   Happy Stitching to you, and here's wishing a Happy Valentine's Day.  Now off to link up with crazymomquilts and finish it up Friday!

QOV Lasagne Quilt Finished!

 So glad to have another WISP/UFO done !  I started this a couple of years ago at a QOV workshop that I was hosting, and I was so busy helping everyone else that I barely got mine started that day.  Over all many people finished theirs that day and eventually I quilted several of them, but never got around to even finishing mine for the longest time.  I guess mainly because so little of it was done.  Now it is done completely, label and pillow case too! (Forgot to take a picture of the pillow case)
Just in time to turn it in at the guild meeting today.
Just love the picture of my DD and her kitty, Hermione.
A very natural smile!

                        Happy Stitching!