Monday, January 31, 2011

Quilt of Valor Finish

I managed to complete this Quilt of Valor in a little over three days, I just finished binding it this morning! I made the resolution this year to make an entire Quilt of Valor (QOV) each month as my charity projects for the year. It would not have been good to miss the first month :0 !! This one turned out pretty neat, someone had turned in "orphan blocks" to the QOV table at guild, and others had donated fabric. I enjoy looking through the stash, especially since I have to lugg it around to each guild meeting and QOV workhop, so while "playing fabric" I put these together & really liked how they went together. I had a blast quilting it, perhaps went a little "overboard", but that too fits in with the nautical theme of this quilt! (Grin) Perhaps a sailor or a marine will receive this quilt ?? Although the top was all donated fabric and cannot count towards using my stash, I did use three yards of my stash for the backing, so while I am not ahead with the stash count - I am getting closer! Here is a close up of the the quilting. Happy Quilting !!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy New Year!

Just having a bit of trouble getting back into the swing of things now that we have returned from our visit, returned to school and after school activities. I am not excited about cleaning up & organizing my studio. What a mess. I guess the worst part is that there are numerous projects. unfinished (of course) that are a large part of the clutter and I could just pack them away in order to clean up, or actually finish them which is what I should do. I have finished 3 purses that I did not get gone in time for Christmas, so they qualify for two categories! WISPs and Christmas gifts! I added the 1 XMAS project a month button to my side bar to inspire me to get the projects done (on time) this year! I am toying with the idea of figuring out just how may WIP/WISPs I have and listing them on my sidebar. Might be too overwhelming, but may keep me on task. I have noticed that I started out really well last year, completing WISPs, but then I started a slew of projects, MANY which were completed. Bunch that were not. Sigh. Above are the purses; there are only three - they are reversable, the 1st photo is of the "inside" the 2nd is of the outside. I'm not so wild about the plain inside fabric, I do like the black, pink and green fabric for the inside. I guess since there isn't any quilting a busier fabric might be best. Can't say who they're going to though, the larger purses I mean, Christmas is a long ways away and I couldn't spoil the surprise THIS early! I just made the smaller kitty one so that I could use up the scraps from the larger kitty purse! Happy Quilting!