Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nasty Infection(s)!

Not me, thank goodness, just my computer!  It got to the point I could not go online at all and then the machine would shut down even if I (or the children) were in Microsoft word or trying to add or edit photos.  We finally brought it to the "Geek Squad" and after 5 days they called to tell us they were able to get rid of all of the many nasty infections on the computer, and they were going to start repairing all of the damage that was done to Microsoft operating systems.  That was on Thursday, and still no word to pick it up.  I am now on my DH's laptop. which I dislike.  It is so slow and I cannot add photos.  I use my nook to go on facebook and check the weather and my email, but that is limited as well, It won't always let me do everything I want.  On the silver lining side; I have gotten quite a bit done!  Check out the sidebar for OPAM finishes for September!  That doesn't include longarming and making some crafty items for Halloween either!  I also hosted my quilting bee yesterday, and taught them how to cover different containers, it was so much fun and they had fabulous ideas for trims!  One lady covered a shoe box that she uses to hold her notions and it came out great - great idea too!  My next post will have photos of my finishes and also a "how to" for the Halloween project I thought up!    Happy Quilting and Crafting!