Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Finishes

It is sweltering here in Virginia, so of course my air conditioner isn't working correctly!  I'm afraid this is the year it may need replacing.  Sigh.  I couldn't post this earlier because the room where the computer is in was too hot!  We got it to work for awhile this morning and the house cooled down quite a bit, it's frozen up again so we just turned it off, so I thought I'd better do this now before the house gets hot again! I completed the quilting and binding of this quilt in time for our Guild meeting on the 8th of June, but didn't finish sewing down the bottom part of the sleeve until this past Friday, the 29th!  There are about 15 active members of our sewing bee, and nine of us decided last year to make this wall hanging from a magazine, sorry, can't remember which magazine! Each of us made 9 identical blocks to exchange, with the only rule being that it had to be blue and yellow fabric.  I dont have very much blue and yellow in my stash, so I had to buy the borders and sashing, I used my stash for the colors in the block.  Since it's a wall hanging, and mine, I pieced together pieces of fabric I otherwise wouldn't have used in a quilt, for the backing.  This is one of my UFO's so I am so happy to see it done!  I am very disappointed that it's just too wide to put on any of my quilt hangers, so until my DH makes a larger one I won't be able to hang it up.  Hmmmn, Maybe should have measured first before doing the sashing and borders???? It's really neat to see what the other ladies did, and I love how everyone had different ideas for the light chain, it's a wonderful momento of our Bee!  Hoping for a very productive July!  Happy Quilting!
This one is mine!