Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas in July

I have been wishing for more Christmasy weather this past month, I am sure I will want it warmer when it is colder etc., but our Air conditioner has failed us for the 4th time since June. I have not done nearly the sewing I have wanted to, (o.k. of course that is always the case) But now I am so far behind on things I should have been doing. This time the freon is leaking from the outdoor unit. But now we have finally found a nice, honest reputable repairman so hopefully they will be able to fix that today. Fortunately it isn't nearly as hot or humid today as it was Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Enough of the excuses, I was able to complete a present this month. This beach tote is a Christmas gift for my brother's 12 yr old foster daughter. I made 5 total, but the other 4 went to attendees at my DD's beach birthday bash! They loved them! Unbeliveably I forgot to take a picture of them :( I had planned to make snap bags and sunglass cases for them as well, but didn't get to it. I finished the last one the morning of the party, my sewing studio is right above the garage - so when we don't have air conditioning, as the hottest room in the house it becomes unbearable and I can't sew at all. Well, I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed. Happy quilting to the rest of you!!