Thursday, May 27, 2010

May Musings?

Where has May gone? I can't believe it's almost memorial day weekend! I still have yet to complete a Christmas present or a charity project! I guess I could count the quilts that I have quilted for Quilt of Valor, (above) I actually bound two of them as well. Currently, I have only one to quilt as things seem to have slowed down once the weather improved - boy, can I relate to that! I noticed in one of the pictures of my previous post, that you can see just a bit of my latest project! I have the top done and am working on the backing! I made a smaller label, 13"X13", than the 18"X18" label for the Quilts of Valor, I won't fill in the label until later, as I am not sure if this is going to my niece yet. I think I am going to do a couple and let her choose which one she wants! She's having a Boy!! I am so excited - I can't wait!! This will be my first great nephew! As my children are still very young (10 & 14) I have a long time before I'll have grandchildren, so I will just have to spoil this one!! I am also proud of myself since I scrounged around and found a backing in my stash for this quilt. It's a little short, so I am using the label and some leftover scraps in a such a way to extend the fabric and make it work. Much more time consuming than just running to the store for a backing - but worth it!! : )

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Finish!

It's taking me longer each month to have a finish, and to post! So busy and lot's of running around! This finish was a nice stash buster, as I used scraps, bits and pieces for the backing! We have had really crazy weather here in southern Virginia this year, and it has reached the 90's three times already this year! I am loathe to run the air conditioner until absolutely necessary, so we endure it as long as possible. My dd ALWAYS must have a quilt upon her while she sleeps, and her quilts have just been to heavy, so I made her a summer quilt! She still wants the seashell quilt to remain on her bed, so this is 56" x 72" and she'll just use it at night & put it at the foot of the bed during the day. I had the panel, pink and orange for years, can't really remember why I purchased it, but I had cut out some pin cushions from it (which aren't finished) but obviously had tons left. To make this quickly I just put a little border around the panel, and cut strips of the pink & orange to make a piano key border and done! I used a super thin pellon for the batting, 45" wide, but was very easy to piece together using the zigzag stitch, you cannot tell where the batting was sewn together. Once washed it is so soft and pliable! I hope she likes it, she's at a sleep over, so she hasn't seen it yet! I also finished binding my Gram's rail fence and mailed it quite awhile ago, she was very pleased with the super thick batting! Happy Quilting!