Thursday, December 20, 2012

1XMAS Update

 I got a great start on final Christmas projects,  I needed little ornaments for my "Quilting Sisters" Bee, so while I was perusing Pinterest I saw the sweetest little ornament that seemed super easy and fast!  (One of my Resolutions is to be more computer savvy and figure out how to link up)  The ornament I saw used white wool as the background, red gingham fabric and a star as the template.  Using only what I had on hand, mine had red wool and I matched up scraps of Christmas stash.  I used cookie cutters as my template for the fabric and then pencil sketched a generous 1/4" for the background.  I tried to enlarge it with the copier, but it didn't come out properly.  I made 28 total ! 
Next I made these two kitty candle mats for my Step MIL, and bought two candles to go with them. 
Then I decided to reduce the templates from the candle mats and make mug rugs and two of these have already been mailed to my MIL, and the other set will go to my Uncle and his wife.   The next type of mug rugs I made up from another idea from Pinterest.  There were no directions, just a photo, and when I clicked on it the blog was in Spanish, but she didn't provide a tutorial.  The mug rug on her blog were thinner and taller, but you can made the template any size you wish.  I used grosgrain ribbon for the handle, but the possibilities are endless!
    My final Christmas project, is a present.  My DS, also my first born, celebrated his birthday the week of Thanksgiving and he turned 17 yrs old.  Wow, was that ever a shocker!  When did that happen?  I also realized that he needed his new quilt SOON.  I made him a Star wars quilt years ago and he had asked for an update, but as he is a bit picky and does not like to shop for fabric, I had procrastinated.  I went shopping and the long and the short of it is that a small simple, uncomplicated project grew and in exactly one week I ended up with this!  I finished quilting this around 9 pm last Thursday, 12-13-12, my daughter unpinned it for me and I trimmed it. 
Then at 11 pm the entire family went to the cinema and watched the first showing of  The Hobbitt as my birthday present!  It was wonderful and we all enjoyed it immensely!  Returned home for a few hours of sleep and then off to my guild meeting where I showed my quilt (unbound) for show and tell.  When I arrived home, we were without power for most of the day so I couldn't bind my quilt or post to my blog the 1XMAS item(s)  We later went out to dinner and were getting ready to watch a movie at home when my FIL & Step MIL called to wish me a happy birthday, and then told me about the massacre at the school in Connecticut.  We didn't mention it to the kids that night, but over the weekend, as we learned the details the disbelief became sorrow, then anger, then sadness, incomprehension and back through the cycle again.  Today is the first day I've been back in my studio, I've cut and sewn the binding strips and after this post am going to sew it on and then wrap the quilt for my son.  I wish I could make a magic quilt to wrap him and keep him safe forever, him and all children.  I am so glad I made this for him this year.  I just cannot imagine what those families are enduring.  I hope that everyone has a happy and blessed Christmas, and I so wish for peace on earth and good will to all.
Happy Quilting & God Bless!