Monday, February 25, 2013

February's 1 XMAS a Month Item

I loved the Christmas Apron that I made one of my neices for Christmas last year, so when my local quilt shop placed their Christmas fabric on sale right before New Years Eve I just had to see if there were any fabrics that would work well for another Christmas Apron.  I literally arrived on the last day of the sale with barely an hour to spare, so the choices were sparse.  I do love the print and am very happy with it.  The red striped fabric for the ruffle and top straps was actually with a line of patriotic fabric and the green was found elsewhere in the shop as well.

 This quilt bag is not actually another Christmas gift, I made it for another customer with a beautiful huge quilt.  Sadly, you do not see the quilt in the bag because two days after I finished the bag, I caught a persistant stomach bug that gave me 48 hours of total misery.  I could barely do much of anything the following day, now I'm feeling stronger every hour, but I still don't dare eat anything exciting and have now been caffine free for four days.  I so miss my coffee, but as I must have cream in it, I don't dare chance it quite yet.   I haven't even looked into my studio, it would just make me feel worse.   I hadn't quilted her quilt yet!  Darn it, now I'm behind again!  

I will be happy, when I am quilting again!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!

 A couple of sweet table toppers finished, just in time for their big day!  These are the second in the table topper of the month series by Cotton Way.  I bought the kit with the pattern and I decided to add fabrics from my stash (the plaids and white with hearts) and I mixed the fabrics together and was able to make two!   

These are cute little Valentines that my DD whipped up last night, they only took her about 30 minutes.   I got the idea from pinterest, except they used brown paper and cut out the shape of a pumpkin and used a large running stitch around them.   I gave my DD scrap booking paper to use and figured a zig zag stitch would be easier and more forgiving for her.  She cut out the hearts, sewed them up 3/4 of the way around, filled them with milk and dark chocolate m&m's and then sewed up the gap to seal them up.  She had to go around a couple of them a little extra in spots where she kind of slipped off, but she really improved as she went!  Hope your Valentine's Day is full of love and Laughter.  Happy Quilting !

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fast February Finish

       I was inspired to make this large quilt bag by the HUGE quilt (116" X112") that I quilted for a good friend and customer.  Beautiful quilt, but once quilted would simply not fit back into the bag that she had given it to me in.  I couldn't bear to use a plastic trash bag, and so necessity being the mother of invention, I grabbed some fabric from my stash and quilted it, using a very lightweight batting, and just sewed the bag together.  Simple, no lining.  I zig zagged the raw edges on the inside because I have not yet figured out the serger that my dear Aunt gave me, and I added the pocket on the outside this morning to have a spot to put my invoice.  Otherwise it would have been my last January finish!  What another FABULOUS way to use up my stash - 3 1/8 yds gone!   If I had a fancy embroidery machine I could embroider my business name and number on the plain pocket !   I used "Large Popcorn" for the panto, nice wide straps.  Can you see her beautiful blue, yellow and white quilt peaking out?       Happy Quilting!