Thursday, May 27, 2010

May Musings?

Where has May gone? I can't believe it's almost memorial day weekend! I still have yet to complete a Christmas present or a charity project! I guess I could count the quilts that I have quilted for Quilt of Valor, (above) I actually bound two of them as well. Currently, I have only one to quilt as things seem to have slowed down once the weather improved - boy, can I relate to that! I noticed in one of the pictures of my previous post, that you can see just a bit of my latest project! I have the top done and am working on the backing! I made a smaller label, 13"X13", than the 18"X18" label for the Quilts of Valor, I won't fill in the label until later, as I am not sure if this is going to my niece yet. I think I am going to do a couple and let her choose which one she wants! She's having a Boy!! I am so excited - I can't wait!! This will be my first great nephew! As my children are still very young (10 & 14) I have a long time before I'll have grandchildren, so I will just have to spoil this one!! I am also proud of myself since I scrounged around and found a backing in my stash for this quilt. It's a little short, so I am using the label and some leftover scraps in a such a way to extend the fabric and make it work. Much more time consuming than just running to the store for a backing - but worth it!! : )

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