Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's the 31st already? I feel I've been tricked with how fast this month has gone by - I sure wish I would get treated to an extra week for this month! I started out the month very well, I finished two prayer shawls that the guild was collecting for the church that so generously allows us to hold our QOV workshops for free in their large fellowship hall. I used flannels from my stash and didn't need to buy anything - not even backings! I was also able to get a QOV quilted. I also quilted some quilts for a few other people, not added as part of the OPAM tally, but still satisfying!
Unfortunately I had a lot of extra events to attend or attend to this month that really ate into my time. My daughter is also devoting more time & effort into skating so she has more practices/lessons and she skated in a Halloween show last Saturday, and I had to make the costume for that. My neighbor had her son three weeks ago, and I finally got his quilt finished, and bound last night - my daughter & I brought it over this evening and wouldn't you know I forgot to take a picture of it first! But it's done & delivered and she was so happy, I used a soft minke-like blanket for the backing and it was warm and yet still supple. It also matched the jungle theme in his room! I managed to finish a Christmas present this month, although I am still behind from last month. We held a silent auction at our guild, which was a fund raiser for the Quilts of Valor Committee so naturally I felt quite obligated to bid on a few items . . . Yikes! and couldn't believe how many of them I "won" ooops. It was a lot of fun to get the items home and see it all - much of it had been bundled up into groupings. A kitty lacy doily-like item was between two pieces of fabric, which I hadn't noticed and there was bits of blue and I had a blue stripe that was kind of cute so the very next day after the auction I put together this little wall hanging for my daughter for Christmas. She used to LOVE pink, but now she prefers blue, so I think she'll really like this. I used invisible thread to quilt it, and to attach the kitty doily to a dark blue background, which was a first for me and easier than I had anticipated. I am also using some really pretty fall fabric from the auction on a couple of other projects that I hope will be done by next month! We'll see, won't we ? Happy Halloween!

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