Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wild WISP Tamed!!

I am so excited to have this WISP FINISHED!!! It isn't wasn't my oldest WISP, but it was one that I thought about frequently when I would see it sitting there, so lonely, on the "to be quilted shelf".  Month after month, year after year.  Poor thing actually started out as someone else's project, I bought it about six years ago at a white elephant sale that my favorite quilt shop would hold each Winter. It was a terrific opportunity to get rid of fabric, notions, UFOs, WISPS, etc., and in exchange we would receive store credit.  I came across this kit, very reasonably priced and couldn't resist.  Once I started the project I noticed that the original owner had cut out everything except the flowers.  Then I noticed that had cut much of it out incorrectly, possibly why they stopped and got rid of it.  Too bad for them, YAY for me, the flowers are a bit closer than intended, but not by much.  The kit fabric requirements were very generous and I was able to re cut the green and red fabric to the correct size.  I have a good amount left over that I am attempting to do something with, but those projects are not done yet. I was very excited about this quilt so I started it that summer and actually finished the top pretty quickly, I would say within a year.  I even had the back pieced.  I put it away because I wanted to have it quilted kind of fancy and my skills were not up to par at that time, so it just sat.  Well then of course, my skills improved but then I became busy and since it wasn't a gift for someone else, just for me, it was always bumped to the end of a very long line! THEN, while reviewing my blog entries for 2011, I noticed that I had drifted away from the original intent of this blog, which was to WIELD WILD WISPS!!  So I looked at how few WISPs, UFOs or WIPs I had successfully tackled versus how many new ones I created . . .  Not Impressive. Very embarrassing actually.  So . . . I am grounded.  I cannot start a new project unless I complete one of my WISPs!  I updated my list, deleted the few projects I had finished and shamefully added the WISPs I started in 2011.  This month has been a great start - only two things finished, but both of them WISPs!  One of the new WISPs, a gift for someone else, and one old WISP, for ME! :D
 Happy, Happy, HAPPY Quilting !!!!


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    1. Thanks Peg! Thanks to you and Kris for your inspiration and hosting OPAM it now hangs in my living room! :)