Friday, September 27, 2013

Recyled Shower Curtain

Powder Room
Finishing up my Friday by finishing up the last bit of an extra shower curtain!  When we renovated our bathroom, we bought two panels of the shower curtain.  One was not enough, but then two panels turned out to be a bit excessive.  I cut the second panel to 24 3/4" wide, turned the side under and sewed it down and hung it along side the other shower curtain panel.  I then used a good portion of the remainder to make the curtains at right.  Very simple and plain, but DONE.   Months passed and I saw the toilet paper holder on pinterest and then figured out my version and made two of them, one for my bathroom and one for the powder room downstairs.   Very cute and worked for two different holders, (does not work for my children's bathroom).   Finally, in an effort to be able to finish up the last bit of fabric,  I trimmed a bath towel and two hand towels, made a tissue box cover and made a cover for a can of mixed nuts to put my peak flow meter and asthma thingy in.   YES!   Very pleased with the results, and even more pleased that I could just throw away the last little scraps with no remorse!    Happy Quilting, and Happy Finishes!

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  1. Wow, good job repurposing your shower curtain! Looks great and its nice when everything goes together.