Friday, February 14, 2014

QOV Lasagne Quilt Finished!

 So glad to have another WISP/UFO done !  I started this a couple of years ago at a QOV workshop that I was hosting, and I was so busy helping everyone else that I barely got mine started that day.  Over all many people finished theirs that day and eventually I quilted several of them, but never got around to even finishing mine for the longest time.  I guess mainly because so little of it was done.  Now it is done completely, label and pillow case too! (Forgot to take a picture of the pillow case)
Just in time to turn it in at the guild meeting today.
Just love the picture of my DD and her kitty, Hermione.
A very natural smile!

                        Happy Stitching!


  1. Striking colours and love the stars.
    DD looks very happy ... not sure about kitty :)

  2. Thank you Narelle, you guessed that exactly right - kitty was less than thrilled!