Friday, April 30, 2010

April Finishes

Talk about squeezing in under the wire! Just finished the last of the 7 Easter wall hangings! Most of these will go out as Christmas presents, and of course I'll keep one! That takes care of my Christmas present goal for April. As for WISPs, I had drawn these out 3 -4 yrs ago when I decided to make a different wall hanging for each month. Originally I was going to applique the eggs, but that always takes me forever, so after several practice eggs with scraps, I got the size I wanted and went from there. On paper I had the ric rack in between the eggs, but family said the eggs were too plain, so I put the ric rack on the eggs! I used alot of scraps from another project that I'm actually not done with (Whooops) so the holders are different based on the size of the scraps. I had four eggs left at the end, so I made the two little ones last, and now I think I may like that size best!! My charity project this month was the Lucky Stars Quilt of Valor. I was very good this month and did NOT purchase any new fabric, I used 16 3/4 yds of fabric, including 2 bindings for the guild QOVs!! Between planting flowers, my son's play, getting ready for a neighborhood yard sale I think I did o.k. this month. I hope it rains alot in May - we need it,and I need to spend more time at my sewing machine AND my longarm!

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