Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More May Finishes

This past weekend was busy, but I was able to complete all of my monthly goals! (Just barely) ;)
I found the fabric and the idea for my Christmas present goal when I found the fabric for the backing of my Citrus Lucky Stars! It was in the same small plastic tote, all the fabrics were together to make my sister a butterfly pillowcase! I have already made her the snowman pillow, so I will just use the pillowcase as wrapping paper! I have a little bit of the fabric left and would like to make a notebook cover as well, but I couldn't find my sample or the directions. As for the charity project, I know I had already quilted and bound 2 guild QOVs, but sometimes I feel as though it doesn't count as much since I do it those EVERY month, so I try to do a different charity project each month. I was in a bind time wise, so from my STASH . . , I made two pillowcases for the American Patchwork & Quilting 1 million pillowcase challenge!! Later on this week, I'll drop those off to my local quiltshop who is also participating. The challenge there will be to drop them off and then leave empty handed! I was so good AGAIN this month - most of the bindings I am doing for QOV are coming from my stash, and between DD's summer quilt, the pillowcases and putting together two sewing kits for my church kit drive (which was 3 1/2 yds each kit) I had a grand total of 17 5/6 yds going out and NO fabric coming in !!! YAY!!
We had a great holiday weekend, went to the beach Sunday and spent memorial day at Colonial Williamsburg, always an enjoyable time there! Well, I have a QOV pinned on the longarm, and then as a treat I will quilt the Citrus Lucky Stars! Next post I'll give you a hint as to my longterm project, one that is getting closer to the deadline than I care to think! Happy Quilting!

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