Friday, November 25, 2011

November XMAS Projects

November already, as usual I'm a bit late with my 1XMAS showing. I finished the multicolor scarf today in the car while DH was driving us around as we did a little "Black Friday" shopping. All told, I completed 4 scarves for Christmas presents, intended to go in the purses that I am giving as gifts to my Nieces, Aunt's and one sister-in-law! I also finished 2 envelope purses for 2 of the many Nieces. I am so close to completing other purses - but close does not count for today! I also completed two Christmas stockings. Our guild made them for a local ladies group that is going to fill them with homemade goodies and present them to "Wounded Warriors" who attend a luncheon that the ladies hold for them. We held a workshop on the 17th, provided the batting, lining, cut strips and pattern for the ladies to follow. 18 were finished that day (my two were examples that I had done earlier in Nov) I have 4 more started and will be completed before the luncheon on Dec 15th. We are coming to the home stretch, I hope to have all of my Christmas projects done by the 15th. We'll see . . . Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh you've been busy! Nice work on the scarves and stockings too! Better a day late than never I say!

  2. Oh boy! You've been super busy making lovely gifts.
    Thankyou for your company and sharing each month. I wouldn't have achieved all that I have without our little group :o)
    Great idea to set an extra deadline for the 15th.

  3. Well done on making so many gifts. Those stockings look great.

  4. I am equally impressed! Found my scarf in the sweater after I sent the facebook thank you, I don't understand how you sewed it, it's wild!! The stockings are so cute, as usual impressed by all of the volunteer crafting you do!