Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

I wasn't able to post before the 15th, or before I left on the 21st to spend Christmas with my family in Massachusetts but I was able to finish 3 more purses, another monster, and 4 more scarves! Of course the monster was a companion for the orange one I made for my great Nephew Gus! The backpack tote/purse with the snap bags is for a niece whose favorite color is purple. The photos directly below show the outside, and then the inside of one of the reversable purses. This one went to one of my nieces whose favorite color is yellow.
This purse went to my sister-in-law, whose favorite color is purple.
As usual we stayed with my Gram, who turned 99 in August. She had fabric set aside that she wanted to find some matches in her stash so she could start another rail fence! We found one match, but then went to the local quilt store and found 2 beauties that really make the quilt striking! She got all of the blocks done, sewn into rows, and by the time I left she only needed to sew the rows together. I'll add the borders when she sends them to me. I also cut rectangles for a lap quilt for her to work on. I brought home a lap that I'll need to add borders to, quilt, bind and return :) We had a wonderful Christmas, even though the kids were disappointed that there wasn't any snow. The picture below is of my niece and her scarf that I finished on the drive to MA, and a bit while we were there! Her purse is next to her, and one of my earlier finishes :)
And finally, I was a pretty good girl this year and so Santa, among others, rewarded me with some yummy fabric and tools to quilt with! Beautiful Samantha is pointing out my favorite and what I will probably use first ! Happy Quilting!

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  1. The Monsters are such a hit in our house. Gus especially hugs the red one and loves him all of the time. The orange one is always in trouble. Typical.