Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monsterous Reveal !

These are the mess makers in my studio!
Meet the little monsters who will be attending my Great Nephew's 2nd birthday party!! They were so much fun to design and make, it was like playing dress up with dolls!  I got to use one of my favorite embellishments, rick rack and use some of the ribbons I had accidentally bought a lot of when Ben Franklin's went out of business.  Girly colors would be so much fun to do too!      I wasn't able to stitch one stitch of any kind over the weekend, I don't know why I even entertain the idea, self torture, perhaps?  Monday morning I got straight to work, and I finished the last one last night.  I had doodled and designed four of them while I wasn't feeling well, but wasn't up to actually putting them together.  All of their eyes are yo-yos, and I did most of those ahead of time, I changed things as I sewed, as usual, so I had to make some more yo-yos and now I have some extras.  Maybe I'll make up some more before it's all said and done.  I have other fabric I wanted to use, but just ran out of time. Now I need to switch over to long arming for awhile!   
Should I cut the loops?
He's one of my favorites.
Happy Quilting !!


  1. They are so cute! Every. Single. One. I love the designs, the color ombinations and the yo-yo eyes. Your favorite with the orange ears is fantastic. Did you stitch the Rick rack on or glue it? I love ricrac but never know what to do with it. They turned out way cuter than anything i've seen online. Gus is one lucky nephew.(If you have any scraps of these polka dot fabrics, the green and blue stripes or the lime greens bring em along, I want to make an iron on monster on a white t shirt I bought the man for the big day.) I may need to pin this after the!

    1. Thanks! So glad you like them : ) I sewed the rick rack on. You know me - these are made for kids, everything is sewed on. Repeatedly! Do you want me to bring the patterns of my monsters too? I have gotten CRAZY feedback on these - I was stuffing them while Jay was at her skating lesson and kids of all ages came up to me and actually asked me to give them to them! really?

    2. I'm not surprised at all, kids are so into funky stiffies. They have a retro feel, like raggedy Anne and Andy, but monsters!