Saturday, June 2, 2012

May's Many Mini Projects

May saw the completion of many mini projects, and I was able to cross another WISP off my list with the completion of the 5 totes.  I have seen quite enough of the Hawaiian/beach print and am so glad to say there isn't a scrap of it left in the house!  I believe I made either 9 or 10 totes with that as the main color.  These last four are going to 4 nieces who are all sisters.  Their birthdays fall May - July, so I made them up and added the bubbles according to their favorite colors, found the bubblegum at AC Moore and made up the snap bags and sunglasses cases to match. 
 I made two extra sets of the snap bags for people who already have the totes.     
The purple tote is similar to one I made for a different niece, it was going to be for me, but I think I want a black, white and red one more.  I couldn't believe how close I was to finishing the purple tote, all the elements were done, I only had to do the final sewing together step - One hour of sewing and ironing.  Crazy!  I finished 4 more of the little wallets, they don't match any one's purse (yet) but I love trying out different combinations and they are pretty quick to put together!  No big projects completed, I am feeling better, but not 100% yet, I have been concentrating on getting some customer quilts done first.  This weekend I am finishing up a project I have been thinking about and looking forward to for a long time!  My quilt studio is a MESS with fun stuff everywhere - it looks like that when I am dreaming up new things!  The messier it is - the more creative I've been!  I hope to have them done by Wednesday.          Happy Quilting!

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