Friday, January 31, 2014

Storm of Finishes . . .

I wish I had a storm of finishes to match the last two weeks of snowstorms.  I'm afraid that kids home due to snow days, equals very little time sewing for me!  What I have completed are weather appropriate, all having something in common with the blanket of white outside my window!  The above were made from a kit I purchased about eight years ago.  It was supposed to be one larger table topper, but I used a tiny bit of the fabric for something else and I thought a couple of soup rugs would be a nice change.
 My favorite finish for the week is part of a challenge/project from my quilting Bee, the quilting sisters.  We were given a 14 X 15 square of fabric and we are to make a snowman doing something or holding something and then in February we will get together and decide if we want to border them the same or not, then I suppose we will finish them.  I have decided to make a snow kitty, I've had enough of snowmen lately (still trying to finish a few) so I needed to do something fresh.  Initially she was fishing, but I couldn't get the pole right, and had trouble with the fabric for the stick hands.  I've kept the fish, but decided to have her decorate a tree instead.  I used scraps of flannels for the tree and I love how it turned out!  This is actually my practice piece, that is why it is finished, it even has a sleeve in the back and a label.  It is also my first finished Christmas present for next year!  It is for my Father and Mother in law who have rescued tons of kitties over the years and currently have 7.
 I needed a practice piece because the kitty is made from some fuzzy leftovers from burp clothes for my great niece.  I put thin interfacing on the back so they wouldn't slip or distort and it worked nicely.  I actually prefer the lighter background fabric.  Above is the unfinished block with the background fabric that everyone is using.  It is very dark and it was hard to find fabrics to go with it, I'm really trying to work from my stash.  He will have buttons on his vest, and of course eyes, but they will be added last.  Also thinking about putting a derby on his head.  I embroidered a whisker and it looked horrible.  I took it out and you can still see it!  I am going to ask one of my friends to see if she can fix it.  You would think that I could at least embroider a couple of whiskers, right? Just ridiculous! On the bright side, still stitching each and every day.  So far, so good!  Happy Stitching !!  Now to link up with crazy mom quilts and Finish it up Friday!

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