Monday, February 14, 2011

Couple of Sweet Things!!

Happy Valentines Day! Received a little something sweet from a little sweetie, well actually from his Mom, but they're of him! My great nephew, Gus ! Two bookmarks and the sweetest Valentine's Day card with a picture of him and the outline of his hand. I love baby, child hand things! I have numerous cards and Christmas ornaments made from my children's hands over the years - they are always my favorites! The cupcakes were started at my quilting bee on the 4th, I needed to buy the gosgrain ribbon to finish the one. The are holders, either scissor keepers, cellphone holder . . . my cellphone is just a bit too big and heavy, but my MP3 player fits perfectly! I think I'll make up a bunch of these as party favors for my DD's birthday party this summer. Cute! I have more to show, but can't until I'm sure the package has arrived. I made dear Gus a little treat for Valentine's Day! Hope the rest of your day is Sweet!

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  1. The valentines look cute, you're making me want to start a blog.