Thursday, February 24, 2011

Purse with tissue holder XMAS Item a Month

Another Christmas present done! This should have been on my WISP list too! I have had this cut out for at least three years and now I'm so glad it is done! My SIL loves all things strawberry so when I found this fabric, oh about 6 years ago, (not to worry - I've made her lots of other things since then!) I thought it would make a cute little purse - and it did! I am also claiming two of the 13 bibs that I made as Christmas presents, one of the snowmen and the snowflake on red & white stripes! Nice to have those done and I think I will try to tackle something bigger next month. One thing about that WISP list . . . I start working on something laying out and I think, oh if I get this done I can highlight that as done on my list - then I look over the list and the project isn't even on it! ARRRGGGH! The list is getting longer as I continue to try to organize my Quilt room. Hmmmmn, Does that mean I should stop cleaning??? We'll see! Happy Quilting


  1. Lovely fabric for the bag, and a matching tissue holder, that's a good idea.
    Someone gave me a tissue holder last year and I took it overseas with me. It was a very useful item and I still carry it with me all the time.

  2. Lovely finish for the Christmas item per month.
    You have some lovely quilts on your blog. I love the citrus coloured baby quilt with star blocks.

  3. Gorgeous bag and well done with another tick on the Christmas List.
    Those bibs sound cute ... any chance of a pic?
    Great idea to have the list on your sidebar too!

  4. Thanks for the comments - The citrus quilt is one of my all time favorites! The picture of the bibs are in the previous post. I made a bunch of them all at once! Some of the bibs have found homes already, some will also be new baby gifts.