Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm In!!

YAY! I made it! Just in the knick of time too! I'm glad I resisted my usual inclination to procrastinate and instead, just sat down & worked through creating the blog until I was successful. I am not computer savey and sometimes I'll give up to easily. I will try to improve the look and functionality of this blog as time goes by. Kris was just amazing in helping me to add the badge the blog, I had gone to a blogger help website and they were just too technical. Kris's instructions were so clear and they WORKED! I guess not only will I be motivated to finish more quilting projects, but to also learn more about computers etc.! This is just the kick start I need to clear out so many of my WISPs! I joined a local guild in September, thrilled because during my visit in June I discovered they had a UFO club; In January you write out what you would like to have finished for each month and then during that particular month you would bring in the finished project for show and tell and then I think you would get a fat quarter. Unfortunately, this January they voted to give the UFO Club a rest for a year!! Previously, when I lived in Wisconsin, a friend of mine and I decided that we would not buy new fabric/kits/etc., unless we finished at least two WISPs. We were doing pretty well until my husband was transferred to Virginia, that was a real project killer for quite awhile. But now - no excuses, and I will try to post a picture of the scooby doo toddler quilt.

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  1. Welcome, and congrats on your first finish. My first finish was started over 7 years ago. My son's baby sampler...OK, so he's almost 22. Better late then never, LOL

    Found you on Peg's list. Been going through it alittle each day and saying hi.

    Happy Stitching,