Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where to start?

I'm back! I lost the Internet (& cable TV) for a couple of days last week, forcing me to shut off coverage of the Haiti tragedy and to stop reading everyone else's blogs and get myself organized. But where to start? Now I remember why I never get very far - it is just so overwhelming. I don't really have to dig very deep to find many projects in various stages of undone. Just turning around reveals another pile or stack. Should I do a project from each stack, focus on eliminating one particular pile or clearing one specific area? As I said, simply overwhelming. Above are just three of at least six piles of WISPs, and that doesn't count the ones in bins, boxes or closets. Next question, how do I post pictures so that they fall amongst the text instead of always at the beginning of the post. Do I post multiple times? I guess I'll just have to experiment!

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