Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fleece Finishes!!

The entire bag of fleece is finished! I admit I had to buy 1 1/3 yd of purple to compliment a large piece in order to make a fringe blanket. I just couldn't bear the thought of turning the large piece into more mittens! In all I made 3 dozen mittens in three different sizes, 1 scarf, 3 hats, 1 fringe lap blanket, 1 strip toddler(?) blanket and 3 baby quilts! It is such a nice feeling to have that bag completely empty, I just need to loop the mittens together in pairs with some embroidery floss tonight, and then tomorrow I'll drop them by the nearby Army base, I noticed signs announcing a hat and mitten drive, so the timing is perfect! DD has already claimed the scarf and matching mittens, and DH wants the hats (all black) as he is follicley challenged and likes to wear a cap to bed at night. I've decided to keep track of the fabric that comes in and goes out this year. I'd like to have the yardage going out double, no - triple the yardage coming in! I know, I know, we each have our fantasies don't we? Anyway, I didn't think to measure all of the fleece before I began, so I measured the finished blankets, and estimated for the mittens, scarf and hats. I didn't include the practice mittens or of course the bits and pieces here and there. I need to try to measure before I cut. This being said, I will have to estimate alot this year as I have so many WISPs already cut and partially sewn! I was also going to try to complete (at least) one Christmas present each month, I could have it be the purple fringe blanket for one of my seven nieces, but I really should finish the snowman pillow for my sister . . . hmmmm, better get going!

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  1. Well done on all those finishes and moving your bag of fleece. Congratulations - getting the blog up and running has paid off already. I'll be back to check what you've been finishing this month.