Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another WISP/UFO Complete!

I actually put the label on and bound this quilt on the 12th of April, right before my Guild meeting and shortly before I started coming down with bronchitis.  It is the last thing that I quilted on my longarm.  In 2011, I won 15 of these blocks at my guild, as part of the block of the month program. I loved the blocks and bought two to do, and was so thrilled that I actually won them!  I also received a few undone blocks, and some material leftover from the cutting of the blocks.  The block pattern was called "The Unnamed Block" which isn't very creative, but when I started playing with the layout of the blocks I realized just how versatile it is.  I could have laid out the quilt in so many different ways, but I was a bit restricted with what I could do with the limited amount of fabric that was provided. I sewed additional blocks, and I like how I did the last border bit with the corners.  I would love to do this again with some of my stash someday. I used just about every bit of the fabric, I even made a pillowcase for it.  When I first brought this home and showed my dear hubby, he just loved the vibrant colors.  He isn't very outspoken about my quilts, but he made it known how much he liked this one.  I don't think I mentioned this before, but this past September, he was reassigned in the military to a new post about 4 hours north.  Our family has remained here since my son in his last two years of high school and in a very good program.  My hubby rents a small basement apartment 3 hours north of here and comes home every Friday night and leaves again Sunday night.  His only complaint has been about how much colder it is there, and that the apartment always seems cold, so when I decided to make this for him, I used a micro fiber blanket as the backing.  I also used 80/20 batting, so this is a pretty heavy quilt!  The blanket I bought (from Target) was 90"X90" so with some of the leftover backing I made a couple of hats for him, since he is well, "folliclly challenged" it keeps his head warm!

 He LOVED the quilt and brought it back with him that weekend and says it was amazingly warm! Mission Accomplished!  Happy Quilting!

(The label is open on the right short side and also acts as a pocket for him to keep his extra hats)

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  1. Whoa! This is huge. Uncle Mike looks thrilled with his new coziness. Whoa again!