Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 1XMAS Item

This month's Christmas finish is a gift that is actually for this past Christmas, but it's still a Christmas finish just the same!  I bought the fabric to make a purse/tote for my niece, but couldn't decide what to make, so I wrapped up the fabric and asked her to choose.  She knew immediately what she wanted, unfortunately I was not so immediate in making it!  I mailed it to her in time for Easter and made sure I put extra little goodies in it since she was so patient!  The pattern came from the book Sew What! Bags by lexie barnes.  The tote in the book was made from Mexican Oilcloth, so it had no lining. My DN wanted it quilted, and we both thought it should be bigger and have pockets on both sides and I thought a large inside pocket would be good to hold a pattern or book and the straps are longer and different.  I forgot the ties until too late.  I guess it's a totally different tote.  Anyway, it was fun constructing it, I hadn't made a box like tote, so it was a good experience and I had a lot of fun quilting it!  I have leftover quilted fabric, so she needs to tell me what else she wants made from it (hint, hint).
Below is a photo she sent me after she filled it! Can you spot the sweet little bunny she knitted? She is too clever and talented!  Happy Quilting!


  1. Beautiful bag... and a Christmas finish is a Christmas finish even if it was for last Christmas!!! haha... it looks a great size for her knitting... and yes, a very cute bunny in there...

  2. Love the fabric and looks like a great tote.
    I think it was a clever idea to gift the fabric and have the recipient choose.

  3. Great bag and love the fabric. Good to see that your niece is using it straight away.

  4. I love the bag! Very practical for knitting stuff,

  5. I continue to fill it more every's perfect and totally organized thanks to all of those extra pockets. I'd say you made a totally new design!