Thursday, October 25, 2012

1XMAS Item

I only have one XMAS item for October, and I LOVE it!!  I finally found a tutorial on how to make an infinity scarf!   This one, that my dd is modeling for me, is a Christmas gift for my mother!  She loves scarves, and I know she loves this fabric too!  When you make this you cut it all in one long piece, but it's pretty narrow so I have enough fabric to make 4 of these.  The tutorial that I used actually called for the scarf to be 11.5" wide, but mine is 7" wide.  I don't know if you can tell but it is doubled.   Although you can't tell from her expression, my dd loves the scarf too, good thing since I almost have hers done, I just have to hand stitch the final part - I believe she may find a few of these under the tree this year!  So glad my niece brought this to my attention, what a great way to use up fabric and make quick gifts.  This fabric was in my stash!  I'm not sure if I will use the remaining 16" X 73" to work up a purse (or two?) or if I will just make two more scarves.  I guess we'll see next month!  Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh it looks great, and don't we just love 'simple' to make pressies! Your DD is a lovely model :)

    1. Oh Yes, 'simple' is my favorite - just wish I would find the simple ones first. Thank you, she was using her serious face!

  2. Great idea for a scarf and the fabric looks lovely.
    Beautifully modelled too :-)

  3. Very elegant. Love the idea of wearing my favourite fabric!

  4. Replies
    1. I am eager to try different types of fabrics next!