Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I could just SCREAM!  I had the post almost done, a long one too, yes, lot's of pictures and my computer crashed! ARRRRRGGGH!  So. not. happy.  Well.  It appears I was the one tricked!!  What happened to auto save?  I will try again, but so disappointing!

I decided to make a companion for the ghost pop decoration, I used scraps and quilt as you go method.  I had wanted to do it in black & white, but didn't have the right background fabric.  A couple of days later, I found the perfect fabric amongst the remnants at Joanne's, so I felt compelled to make another, I just changed the border.   I prefer the black&white, what do you think?  I finished another scarf, which will go to my DD.  I had also noticed that I had not completed any WISP's since August so I finished these three tissue box holders.  I can't believe how quickly they went together - what was I waiting for?  Made just in time to pack away for next year!  I do like how they turned out!

  My DD traded her birthday party in July for a Halloween party this past Saturday!  Many of her friends travel in the summer and it was tough trying to settle on a date.  She had so much fun planning and preparing for it.  I enjoyed crafting somethings for the party. We made more of the yarn/glue/balloons, this time using white yarn, adding fake spider webbing and plastic spiders to decorate one wall.  I spray painted a grapevine wreath black, some gumtree balls, silver, added gauze and more plastic spiders.  So easy!  I also sprayed a smaller wreath white, let it dry, then sprayed it black which gave it an aged look for this hurricane glass with chocolate eyeballs and pumpkin spice candle.  Neat look!  My DD and DH blew up many balloons and decorated the wall behind the food table.  She found that idea on pinterest   

 There was a lot of yummy food too!  We made witches fingers - Rice Krispy treats, add green food coloring to the melted marshmallows, once it's all mixed together, butter up your hands and mold into fingers.  Don't forget to form a "knuckle" in the middle!  The fingernails are strawberry fruit rollups, four layers cut into triangles, another easy idea!  There were chips and dips, pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs and of course a spooky cake and spider lollipops - 12 & 13 year old's eat a lot! At the end of the night all the girls asked to sleep over, but with hurricane Sandy creeping closer by the hour we had offer a raincheck. 

This is where I usually park my truck.  Moved it at the last minute.
We were so fortunate, although we  had heavy rain and strong winds for 2 1/2 days, our family and home remained intact!  Numerous branches came down, but our tree stayed upright, which was my greatest concern.  My heart goes out to those north of us who uncharacteristically bore the brunt of this hurricane.  I hope you all have enjoyed a happy and safe Halloween! 


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  1. This whole party is crazy cute...I mean spooky! Love the chocolate eyeball candle and the ghost pop tree. The rice crispy fingers are so gross!