Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Belated Sep 1XMAS Posting

Here are my belated photos for my belated posting!  I made another stocking to match the first, but made the strips thinner.  Still wasn't satisfied, it didn't look proportional - maybe the fringe is too long, but that was all I could find in the color I wanted.  I also finished a little mini purse, that was actually testing new thread on batiks that I was going to use on a customer quilt, the stitching was good so I wanted to turn it into a little gift!

 I decided to redraw the stocking pattern, extended it a bit and added the pointy toe to go with the fancy Christmas fabric and I LOVE the results!  I think it looks much more proportional and it will go perfectly with the Christmas quilt that I finished earlier this year!  They are my Xmas projects for September, but combined with the matching Christmas quilt, I am hoping it will make a nice wedding gift for a niece who is getting married September of 2013!   I made 5 more fabric memory games, tried an easier technique and it went much faster!  I had some trouble with the pinking shears, but it was still faster!  I also tested a new pantograph pattern on some stash fabric, and then put a matching binding on for a wheelchair quilt, which is the small project for my quilting guild.  And that was September and here it is almost the end of October! 
That's a scary thought! 
   Happy Quilting & Crafting!


  1. How did I miss these little treats?
    Love the pointy toes on the stockings :)

  2. I love the pointy toed stockings! So cute! Like little elves.