Friday, December 6, 2013

Scrappy Ornaments

I have found yet another use for scraps!  I first thought of this when I was recycling jars into pumpkins via Mod Podging orange fabric strips and scraps.  I was in need of a little something as gifts for my fellow bee members for our annual Christmas luncheon.  We exchange little ornaments or items usually homemade.  So far I seem to be fixated on ornaments.  This year I bought the smallest glass balls from Joann's Fabrics and I went through my scraps, which are organized pretty well this year.  I chose scraps to suit each of the ladies tastes, i.e.,  purples, blues, brights, fall colors, reds, citrus etc.,  I needed 12, and I made 2 extra just in case. 
 I put clay in the bottom of some candle stick holders, then broke wooden skewers in thirds and made an inverted v and put the hole of the ball on top of it to keep my hands relatively clean as I worked.  It also allowed it to dry on all sides.  My best advice is to take your time and let the Mod Podge dry a bit as you work.  I brushed some on the balls then I organized my fabric pieces.  Then I stuck a few pieces on and brushed more Mod Podge over it, then worked on the second ball.  It wasn't so slippery and stayed put better that way.
 The silver tops were tricky!  I found this Styrofoam to stick them in while I worked.  HUGE help, it was also nice because it still had a plastic covering over it so it wasn't ruined.  You will need sharp little scissors for this part, I also pinked the side that was going on the bottom edge of the top.  Definitely use a small brush and brush the Mod Podge on and let it set before trying to wrap the fabric around it.  Cut slits for better folding before trying to fold it down.
 There they all are! I put extra coats on everything because I wanted them to be really shiny.
 I added little name tags and made little hangers out of pinked selvages and trimmings.  I was going to use ric rac, but I didn't have a sufficient variety of the tiny ones to match all the different combos.
 I really enjoyed making these and I am very happy with the results!  The ladies liked them too, and were so surprised I knew their "colors".  I am definitely planning on making more, but I think I may try using larger balls for one of my ideas.  I made a medium size one using the orange scraps from my jack o lantern project, but I forgot to take a picture.  Trust me, the larger balls are much easier than these tiny balls.   Then, of course I started getting more ideas, now if I could only get more time to work those ideas out!  
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Happy Quilting and Crafting!

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