Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Clean up (Recycle, repurpose & reuse)

Christmas is over and while it's time to start the clean up, not everything necessarily needs to end up in the trash.  Here are a couple of ideas for repurposing items that are typically tossed out.  We received a lot of store bought sweet treats.  The treats are long gone, but the spacious sections of these candy boxes captured my imagination!  I measured the the sections and then cut out felt to place on the bottom of each section.  You could also use flannel or other fabric scraps.  I did not glue them down, but if the felt starts moving around, I will.  I used the larger box to hold my Janome bobbins, and I used the two smaller sections to separate my earrings in my Jewelry dresser, Saving the planet while getting organized - Sweet!  
My favorite bit of Christmas recycling is reusing the holiday cards for package tags.  I had saved 20 years of holiday cards before I started using them as tags.  All that is required are some fun paper scissors from my scrapbooking days and a small hole punch.  I add the ribbon as I wrap, and this year I used Christmas fabric selvages and trimmings as well,  This is also a good use for all those unsolicited cards that come in with the junk mail!
 The first year I did this, I just sat in front of the TV with my box of cards and scissors and snipped away as I watched "Call the Midwife"  One or two episodes and I was done.  My DH saved several that were on his packages to use again next year.  Good economy, but they are also too pretty to throw away!  Hope your holidays were joyful!  Happy Quilting!

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