Friday, January 10, 2014

Thousands of Stitches!

My stitch less spell is over, I have stitched every single day this year!  True, it is only the 10th of January,  but I am off to a great start!  I also had the gentle push of a Guild meeting guiding this latest finish.  The UFO club has begun again this year with the first finish due this morning.  I finished putting the label on this fancy lasagna quilt about 9:30 last night and it was nice to have everything packed up and ready to go this morning.  Typically I'm putting the last stitches on the label during the Guild meeting, so I'm ahead already this year.   This was a Jelly roll, The Water's Edge by Black bird Designs, Moda.  I taught my Grandmother how to do a Lasagna quilt about 1 1/2 years ago.  When it was finished she didn't like it, and said she did not care to ever do another one.  I think she felt that it was too plain, but of course that was before I put the borders on.  I had to get a little fancy with the corners, a lot of measuring and piecing, but it was well worth the effort because I think it really enhances the quilt.
 While long arming the quilt, I added the flowers, and that's how I figure I have sewn thousands of stitches on this quilt!  All of the flowers have three thread changes.  I copied the flower in the border, enlarged it, traced the elements in a graphic style, cut it out and traced onto the wrong side of fabric.
 This one does not have berries in the middle, I did not feel the need to put them in all of them.  I first started adding elements to the lasagna quilts when I would make them for Quilts of Valor, I added stars, it was a nice touch.  In fact, I have two waiting to be quilted for Quilts of Valor.
 I echo quilted in the border because, well, the border just begged for it.  I really had no other choice, I just couldn't bear to do anything else.  Thousands of stitches !  It was a lot of work to quilt this, but it was fun, challenging and I am very happy with my first UFO and OPAM finish of the year!  Now to link up with crazy mom quilts  and finish it up Friday!
 Happy Stitching!


  1. I think the flowers added in make this quilt extra special! Good for you to finish it off with A LOT of stitches;)

  2. Love the overlays! You always go for cool stuff that takes extra effort and it comes out great. Also love your stitch a day pledge, got me thinking I could try to too.(even if I only manage 1 stitch some days!)

    1. One stitch is better than no stitch! It always seems to lead to more, knitting is coming in handy, I can take it with me to appointments etc., So far, so good!