Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Wonderland!

It snowed I don't know how many inches, Friday night & all day & evening Saturday. 9-15 inches were predicted, I'm not sure how many fell, because it takes alot of snow for it to even stick to the ground and roads. We had at least 7 at one point, but now it has compacted and shrunk a bit. Our snow shovel(s) are still in our garage in Wisconsin, but we kept our old fashioned wooden sleds with the metal runners - boy are they fast! DH took DD and one of her friends over to the school on Saturday, and DS went with his friends while I stayed home and did my work out and then sewed a little bit. I'm putting some backings together, I have ALOT of quilting WISPs to finish too! I may try to focus on that this week. The children had a scheduled day off today anyway, DH had a two hour report to work delay, and then around 11:30 we hear his truck pull in, they closed Fort Monroe today! No work! He and DD are sledding again, DS has a very deep cough so he's in for the day. We went to historic Yorktown yesterday to take pictures, its great having 4 wheel drive trucks, (his&mine). There still weren't many cars on the roads, all church services were cancelled, all libraries etc., closed, many stores were open, but on the riverfront in historic Yorktown it was hit or miss. It was fun taking the pictures of snow on the beach, I changed the photo on the blog to reflect a snowy landscape, same two kids, just older and wearing alot more clothing! I'll add a few more pictures, then I'll try to work in a little more sewing!

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