Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eggstra Special Card!!

Today's mail brought an eggstra special treat - What a sweet card - what a cute boy - what a clever niece! Love this card, he is such a sweet, happy little boy. We miss him. Sigh. Mailed them a package yesterday, won't show everything I mailed as some will be a surprise. I combined things for my Gram and for my niece and her family to save on postage. I quilted another baby coins quilt for my Gram. This does it for those, just have squares and plain flannel to finish for her.

I also included this little pink quilt, I showed it to my dn while she was visiting, I made it 4 or 5 years ago, our Sunday school class was going to make little quilts for the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) at a pediatric hospital but didn't find a point of contact so we made fleece blankets for social services children instead. Since baby Gus spent the first 37 days of his life in the NICU in Maine, she knits little hats and sends them, so I gave it to her to send to them, and of course it got buried under a bunch of fabric before she left and we both forgot about it. I have been getting some things done so I found it and it's on it's way! Below is March's QOV. I had it quilted before the 31st, I just could not find a proper blue or red for the binding, so when I attended the QOV workshop after returning from bringing my dn and dgn back, I bought the binding at Nancy's Calico, which is where I bought the blue and red. So 1/2 of a yard in, but 2 1/3 yrds out! It would have been more but the final border and backing were donated, so I can't count that as part of my stash. Lots more to finish, so for now . . . Happy Quilting!!

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  1. That is a cute baby, what a clever niece. ;) Excited to see what else you've been up to! Miss you guys too! Also, loved that QOV you made. The stars are so fancy.