Monday, April 25, 2011

Xmas Project

Good thing this challenge is only 1 Xmas project a month, other wise I'd be in trouble! Here is my Christmas table runner. It is also an UFO that I am happy to finish and I used 1/3 yd for the backing so this helped mark off an item in a few categories! I am working on a quilt for my eldest nephew's Christmas present, but it's taking longer than I thought it would (good thing I got an early start!) Speaking of nephews - my great nephew Gus has received his package, so I can show you some more April finishes! My brother still had his original high chair, which he used for my niece, and then had refinished for his Grandson, my nephew! Well, needless to say the original cushion did not make it and my niece could not find one on line, so they used a quilt and belt until . . .

My niece's husband send the measurements of the chair and my dh made a cardboard replica of the back and seat so I made my pattern from that.
I had never sewn anything remotely like this before, so it took a few tries !

After my first attempt that I realized that I needed something, but wasn't sure what that something was until my niece just happened to send me a link to show me some owls she liked,

sewlittlefabric.blogspot/2011/03/0wl-softie-free-patterntutorial.html (I cannot get the link to work) While reading the instructions I discovered that the "something" I needed was a gusset! Had never heard of it. Kind of sounds like an old fashioned name for some kind of fancy lingerie ! Anyway that did the trick, and I would have never figured it out without Paula's help. Thank you! When my niece came for her latest visit, I didn't have it done, I sent the red & beige trial run to them to make sure it would fit and she brought it back, marked where the ties & belt would go. Gus used it as a play mat while he was here (he seems to like it) To make his mom happy I designed it so that the cushions would be secured by velcro, but she could remove them to wash the cover (I even remembered to prewash it)

I had some quilted fabric left over so I made matching bibs and used leftover bindings to finish them off. 2 2/3 yds fabric OUT! April has been a good recycling month. = ) Happy Quilting !!


  1. Great step by step photos, Gus loves it! He slips around in the chair so much less. Tonight he noticed the cushion fabric for the first time and spent awhile rubbing his sticky teething biscuit all over it. Thank goodness for removable cushions!

  2. Great table runner for Christmas and I love what you did for the high chair. The bibs are very cute.

  3. Beautiful fabric in your Christmas Runner ... lovely finish!
    Very clever high chair cushion and sweet bibs too. Looks like you had a very productive April.
    Happy sewing :)

  4. Hello..
    I saw your name on Kris, from 'Tag along teddies' blog and thought I'd pop in..Well done on finishing your UFO..OPAM is good for that..
    Hugs Michelle (craftychookie)