Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whooooo's Come For A Visit?

We have had a wonderful end of March - beginning of April visit with my Niece and her baby, Gus! It has not all been diapers and baby goo -(I am laughing because it's not like I have changed even one diaper, I get to do all the fun stuff!) My niece brought along some really neat fabric and a great idea for a wall hanging project for Gus's room. She got the pattern from Paula's blog at . I am going to make a softie for the Australian Flood relief when I return from bring my visitors back to Massachusetts. I have done a link before, but I can't get it to work today. Anyway we made three of them, I did the limited sewing on the project, with my niece designing the placement and adding the personality to each of the owls - they are soooo CUTE! But I get to count them as my first finishes for April (no fooling) ha ha ha - I know that is very bad but I am pretty tired so I am entitled. :) Here's a couple of photos; all of the wall hangings, and the very handsome recipient! Happy Quilting!!


  1. They are so cute! We hung them up and had a photo shoot Monday, I'll send you some as soon as Aaron gets them on the computer.

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