Monday, March 15, 2010

Before and After

There is the stack of QOVs to be quilted, and there they all are quilted !! I was able to quilt them all before Friday, the day of the guild, but I was only able to get one completely bound. I had only one side of my QOV bound, but I brought it to guild for my show and tell. It had rained quite a bit the previous days and as I brought the stack of four quilts to my truck, the bottom quilt unfolded and fell on the muddy driveway! Fortunately it was MY QOV, which I wasn't ready to turn in and I was going to wash before sending it off anyway. It was only the backing that touched the mud so by the time show and tell came along, I was able to brush the mud off and no one noticed. I picked up 3 more QOV's to quilt by April's guild meeting - April 9th. These are all quite different and very interesting. I was going to quilt one yesterday but as I pulled the quilt out of the bag I saw that the backing was not pieced together and the pieces were all wadded up and horribly wrinkled. The fabric is just loaded with sizing so I am going to wash that quilt and the backing pieces later today before I quilt it, that way it'll be easier on my longarm needle and not get so gummed up. My quilt room was just getting horrendous, so I vacuumed, dusted and organized instead. I found two yards of pretty batik fabric I had purchased on clearance at a LQS during their Christmas sale, I was going to make a purse, but I have dozens of yards of fabric I've bought to make purses, and never do!! So I ironed it, cut and pinned it and I just need to start sewing on them, when they're done they will be two more pillowcases for Operation Pillowcase! Well, best get started - Happy Monday!!

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