Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Already?????

I'm not ready for it to be Friday! What a quick week this was! I had appointments on two separate days, spent one day unexpectedly running errands, one day cleaning the house (ugh) which leaves only today for sewing - not enough! I was expecting company this evening, as my daughter has her first figure skating competition tomorrow, but they cancelled last evening so the day dedicated to cleaning was for naught! I know, I know, it's nice to have such a clean and orderly house, but I would have rather saved that for next week. Fortunately, I have two more finishes! I had some time waiting for my appointments, so I was able to finish sewing the binding down on two more snowman panel thingys. I took a photo of one of them Wednesday afternoon, but I didn't finish the third one until last night and I can't take a photo of it on the outside hanger as it is pouring rain out today. I got my gram's quilt top pinned on, but not the backing, will do that hopefully after posting this. I'll cut the batting, and then I've got to run out again. So sad, a neighbor in our development passed away, so I thought I'd make lasagna for the family, but I need to get one of those disposable pans so they can freeze it in case they want to save it for later. I made the sauce yesterday, so I'll just have to cook the noodles and assemble it this afternoon. Gloomy news on a gloomy day. Well, here's hoping everyone has a great weekend!

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