Wednesday, March 31, 2010


End of Month - End of March, End of Quarter!! I finished binding the last of the snowman panels, (total 4), threw together & finished the little bunny wall hanging ! As I look back on the good and bad of March, Good - successfully completed at least one Christmas present, (snowman panels), and finished a charity project (pillowcases for operation pillowcase). I can't help but notice that although I used 30 1/2 yds of fabric, I purchased 27 3/4 yds, making my total OUT for this month only 2 3/4 yds! I'm glad I vowed (previous post) to not buy anymore fabric, because I REALLY mean it this time! I should have made all of the pillowcases out of my stash, but then that would require me to go digging and looking, and then unfortunately, I start to feel overwhelmed and then accomplish nothing! I also resolve to ONLY make pillowcases out of my stash from now on. There, see resolutions aren't only for January! Well, I am over halfway done with Gram's quilt, so I'd like to finish it today. Hope your March was productive!

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