Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Been Kinda Naughty

Monday morning I awoke to a clear & pain free head! I celebrated by spending the entire day cleaning the house - long overdue! DH arrived home safely from Wisconsin (Thank you, Lord) and with him he brought some things I needed from my dear friend's Quilt Store. Note the change in my stash report eeek! But . . . I needed the white & beige as backgrounds to go with fabric previously purchased, cut and waiting. The red white &blue paisley I just love for the backings for the Quilts of Valor, and the dark blues are going to be binding for QOVs, with the extras going to my stash! My dear friend also included a lovely surprise! A traveling ironing board! How cool is that? I will be able to take this with me to workshops or even put it my room if I don't want the ironing board up! Of course I really wanted to be the one to go to Wisconsin, but my DH has promised me a trip there this summer, or maybe I'll be able to go by myself in the fall, so I can do some real damage in that store myself! Hopefully I will have so much done by that point that he won't even notice the new additions! Unfortunately, I haven't finished anything. Quilted another guild QOV, and finally quilted the QOV that I pieced together ages ago, I worked out the label and am very pleased with it, I'll have pictures of it when I have it bound. I did not have the right blue for the binding of my QOV, so DH had yesterday off so I talked him into exploring some local quilt shops with me. His brother is getting married this summer and I have offered to make the lovely couple a quilt. They gave me a few ideas as to the fabric, so I wanted DH along for his perspective. We went to four shops, one of which was out of business, but still had their website up! Shame on them for not taking it down or updating it - shame on me for not calling and double checking first. Lesson learned, since that store was the furthest store - would have saved us 1 hour had we known. No luck on finding the wedding quilt fabric, did get 3/4 yd of lovely blue batik for my QOV binding. Speaking of binding . . . I'm still not done with the rail fence, or the third QOV, need to sew the bindings ON the fourth QOV and my pieced QOV - I am badly bogged by beastly bindings!! Better be on my way!

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