Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Have a Winner!

My dear daughter's first skating competition on Saturday was a raving success! She was so exhilarated and euphoric upon completing her program, she had tears in her eyes, as of course did I! She really seems to enjoy performing in front of others, I so admire her for it as I am quite the opposite!! I freeze up in front of people and would much rather go unnoticed, fortunately I am very good at hiding my true feelings in this area, as neither of my children are affected as I am. She placed third and received a bronze medal! She made a few beginners mistakes, but she looked so graceful and poised, unless you were familiar with her program you wouldn't have noticed. Shortly after she finished she said "When is the next competition?" We volunteered for duties during the competition since it was held at our home rink, so we were there the entire day, at the end we treated her to the move "How to train your Dragon" which we all enjoyed. Not a stitch of quilting, but a wonderful day just the same! I made up for it Sunday and Monday, I completed 16 more pillowcases, I've done 28 in all, and now have the 25 ready to be sent to Afghanistan. I used more fabric from my stash (10 1/2 yds) but again was weak and purchased 6 more yards of snuggle flannels. They are all sewn up and I vow no new fabric will be purchased in the month of April. really. final. answer. So anyway, I emailed Debra at operation pillowcase and am just waiting for instructions to send them. I could only get 21 in the box, since there are so many flannels, I guess I'll hang on to the extras for the next box. Now I must go fix what my stinker cat Samantha did sometime this morning while I was exercising (and apparently ignoring her). Happy Tuesday!

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