Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby quilt bound!

I finished binding the baby quilt on Friday night. I helped my niece make it last summer when she came to visit, she had never made a quilt before, but she is very creative and crafty and did very well! Her husband is an artist, and he designed the pantograph pattern that I used. Unfortunately, the thread she chose doesn't show that quilting very well, but I will quilt the panto using dark thread on muslin so you can see it. It is really pretty, I will have to ask him to come up with a name for it. He sent me the design on a 8 1/2 X 11" paper and then I enlarged it and taped it together and brought it to office max and had it run off until it was really long. I look forward to doing it on a large quilt! I should have had my head on straight and mailed the quilt to my niece on Saturday, but didn't even think of it until the post office had closed. Very busy getting ready for our upcoming trip to Wisconsin, surprised DD and on last day of school we went to the local spa and we each had a pedicure! It felt great and was alot of fun! She was especially thrilled since she and her DD were going to a Father/Daughter Cotillion the following evening. While they went to that DS and I watched movies together. I pinned on the kitty quilt and then went to pin on the backing and realized that the backing was WAY too small - what was I thinking? So I had to go back to the LQS and picked up two more yards, I'll have extra but I can make a pillowcase or a bag of some kind. We went to the beach today, DH's choice, then came home and had steak, scallops, burgers and other yummy foods to celebrate Father's day. We leave Wednesday morning, so I'll be quilting the kitty quilt first think in the morning. Ooops, it is morning!! I have a feeling it's going to be a crazy next couple of days!

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