Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot & Muggy = Progress!

Another very muggy weekend! We arose early to get to the Farmer's Market before all the good seafood was gone, we were all set and I was just getting into the car when it became very difficult to breathe! Ran back inside for the inhaler and after a few minutes we set off again! Once we were in Historic Yorktown and along the beach breathing became much easier and we enjoyed looking at all the booths of goodies & fresh produce. We weren't too late and were able to get 2 bags of small clams (100 total), some beautiful salmon, fresh corn & lots of fresh veggies!
Once we arrived home I stayed inside for most of the weekend and got lots done. DD made her teacher her gift, which I forgot to photograph!! She brought the gift in today, but I will join them this afternoon for their party so I'll take pictures then. She did a great job and was thrilled and how quickly it went together. She sews such a nice straight seam, but small projects work best for her, cause then she's off bouncing on to something else! I was able to finish completely a set of six place mats! I had this waiting around for at least 3 years now, and it also completes my goal of one Christmas present a month, as it is going to my brother's youngest daughter, since she has her own place now and she loves coffee about as much as I do! I'm going to use the leftover fabric to make oven mitts and then I'll put them all in a basket with a tin of my yummy mocha slices (chocolate/coffee cookies) and that will make a lovely Christmas present. YAY!! We'll now I'd like to get the older niece's baby quilt quilted before DD's party. Happy Monday!!

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